Yoga Etiquette Quiz

(with a humorous spin)

1.  Which of the following is the better outfit to wear to Yoga class?

a)      Your bathing suit

b)      Jeans and a sweat shirt

c)      Super loose top and pants, like your jammies

d)      Comfortable yet modest clothing


2.   What should you bring to class?

a)      Absolutely nothing – it should all be provided for me

b)      My cell phone in case I get any calls during class

c)      A snack in case you get hungry during practice, preferable a loud bag of chips

d)      A towel and water, and a mat if you have your own


3.   What should you eat before class?

a)      You should eat a large meal right before class so you don’t get hungry

b)      You should snack on junk in the car on the way to class

c)      You should fast for 24 hrs. before class

d)      You should have a light meal no more than 2-3 hours before class


4.   How should I handle attending a class if I have an injury?

a)      You should make a beeline from the Emergency Room to the closest studio because yoga teachers are miracle workers. 

b)      You should go to class and push through the sweat and pain at all costs.  No pain, no gain!

c)      You should show up on crutches just to see the look on the teacher’s face.

d)      You should get your doctor’s ok and call the studio for class recommendations.


5.   How important is it that I get there early?

a)      Not at all because making a grand entrance is all the rage these days.  Besides, how else is anyone supposed to see your new yoga outfit?

b)      You don’t need to be early, just be on time.

c)      It’s ok to be a few minutes late.  Everyone understands late is the new On Time.

d)      Always arrive a few minutes early (earlier if it’s your first time), to allow for a comfortable spot in the room, time to gather your props, and to settle in and begin to relax.


6.   Which of the following is true?

a)      You should douse yourself in your favorite perfume or bath wash so that others can enjoy the scent too.

b)      Don’t wear perfume or any scent that will distract others or may cause allergic reactions.


7.   Can I bring my cell phone to class?

a)      Yes, of course!  How else are you supposed to get notified when the newest kitty cat video is uploaded to YouTube?

b)      Yes, because your boyfriend or husband might need you to bring bananas home on your way back.

c)      Yes, as long as it’s on vibrate, it will be ok.

d)      No, leave the main number for the studio at home in case of Emergency.


8.   Which of the following are No-No’s in class?

a)      Slapping your mat down when setting up. The louder the better!

b)      Walking across other people’s mats as a shortcut

c)      Slurping your water out of the noisiest crinkling plastic water bottle, and giving it that extra crinkle squeeze to get the air out.  That POP at the end is glorious!

d)      Talking to your neighbor during class.  Heck what better time to network.

e)      All of the above


9.   When is the best time to leave class early?

a)      As soon as I get tired.

b)      During the standing poses, because the people standing will block you as you scurry out.

c)      During Savasana at the end when everyone is just lying there.  You need that extra 5 minutes to run errands anyway.

d)      Don’t leave early unless it’s an emergency or absolutely unavoidable.  It disrupts others in class.


10.  What if I have to go to the bathroom during class?

a)      Hold it.  Your bladder will thank you for the pressure.

b)      Keep trying to get your teacher’s attention by dancing around and tell her you need to go.

c)      Run out as fast as you can, tripping over mats and whipping doors open in an effort to be quick.

d)      Quietly leave class, walking gently and lightly, and softly closing the door, and returning the same way.


Answers:  The last answer to each question is the correct one!