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The Real Deal

Pam K. - (Dallas, PA)

I have practiced yoga (on/off) for 8 years. After two years with Pam I must admit that I have never encountered a more knowledgeable yoga instructor. From her welcoming smile and approachability to her kindness and patience in the individual adaptation of moves and poses to be sure that no one pushes themselves beyond their pain or abilities, she is the real deal. I always look forward to her classes. I feel stretched, less pain, calm, relaxed and better able to sleep after her classes. I only wish she was available to teach more classes. I encourage anyone interested in beginner and intermediate yoga to practice with Pam Please quit your day job and do this full time. 💜 Namaste

Friendly and Informative

Regina K. - (Swoyersville, PA)

My 6 classes with Pam as my instructor was my introduction to yoga.  She was extremely knowledegeable, but more so, she was friendly and informative at the same time.  Pam constantly reminded us that we should never push it to feeling pain.  She showed us alternatives to poses and blocks and straps we could use to perform better.  It was a great experience to take a class with Pam Snyder.

Keeps it Interesting

Lynn N. - (Shavertown, PA)

I have attended three sessions of yoga with Pam and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  She is always well prepared for our classes and adds new poses to make the classes interesting.  I'm looking forward to returning in the fall.

Very Helpful

Beth W. - (Dallas, PA)

I would highly recommend taking a class with Pam.  She is very helpful during class with any questions that may come up.  Her sessions combine both strength and agility.

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Judy & Jim M. - (Dallas, PA)

A thoroughly enjoyable & worthwhile experience!  Pam Snyder is a knowledgeable & engaged instructor.  Her sessions flow smoothly incorporating a variety of poses & breathing techniques aimed at improving overall flexibility & strength.  They are challenging yet calming.  Would highly recommend!

Patient & Attentive

Mary P. - (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

I'm fairly new to the yoga movement (between beginner & intermediate!).  I enjoy Pam's classes very much.  She's very patient & attentive to your individual needs.  She's very knowledgeable, and doesn't teach her classes in an intimidating way.  It's very relaxing & she's quick & thorough when answering questions from the class.  She's also very safety oriented, reminding us not to push ourselves beyond what we know our limitations are.  I can't wait to start up with her classes again after my summer hiatus!  Thanks Pam!

Enjoy Yoga

Peggie R. - (Shavertown, PA)

I look forward to Pam's yoga classes, for Pam is gentle with us and herself as we practice, encourages us to enjoy yoga through child-like eyes, and reminds us to acknowledge our practice as individuals.  Pam talks us through the poses and appropriate breathing and provides suggestions for alternate ways to hold poses so that we are comfortable yet gaining in strength and agility.  

Pam has a loving, compassionate teaching style along with the most sincere smiles for all of her students.  I feel blessed to be a student within Pam's yoga classes.  Highly, highly recommend her.

Helps with pain

Pat J. - (Kingston, PA)

I took beginner yoga classes because I have some osteoarthritis & along with that some pain & stiffness.  I found Pam's classes very helpful and there was no strain on my joints.  I found her instructions easy to follow and she takes the time to listen to any questions or concerns that anyone might have.  I'm looking forward to another session of classes with Pam & I would recommend this for anyone who would like to learn some good stretching moves.  I always come away feeling better.

Calming experience

I.K. L.(Kingston, PA)

Pam's Beginner Yoga class was a perfect introduction to Yoga in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  She is a knowledgeable instructor and worked hard to give us a meaningful, calming beginning yoga experience.  I recommend her introductory classes for anyone that is interested in starting a Yoga practice.

Unique classes

Tammy M. - (Back Mountain, PA)

Pam is willing and able to meet the varied needs of her yoga students.  She combines poses that provide a nice flow.  To maintain interest, her yoga classes are always a little different, but she revisits certain poses allowing her students to observe their growth in strength and flexibility.

Great experience

Susan J. - (Alden, PA)

I have attended three yoga classes so far with Pam Snyder as the instructor.  I am a Beginner, yet Ms. Snyder made me feel welcomed and guided me with patience when I was unsure.  I had such a great experience that I requested a Private session so that I could improve my skills.

Ms. Snyder was so very knowledgeable and engaging.  I truly enjoyed all of my sessions, and will be taking yoga classes with her in the future.  Thank you very much for all of your help!

Patient and kind

Georgetta P. - (Plymouth, PA)

Pamela Snyder is a knowledgeable teacher who gives insightful guidance on correct form and breathing techniques.  She is patient with beginners and versatile in her instructions.  Her classes are very enjoyable!

Terrific teacher

Colin S. - (Shavertown, PA)

A very calming experience.  Pam is very knowledgeable and her instruction helped me to correct some mistakes that I was making with my regular routine.  Terrific overall.  I recommend her highly.  She is great!!